LaConco finds a new love? we’d love to see her .

LaConco finds a new love? we’d love to see her


Reality show star and businessperson Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco seems to own affected on from former president Jacob Zuma.

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of urban center (RHOD), LaConco got a mail from a mystery man. This follows once Jojo Robinson had organized a pool party and she or he invited all the women.

While the women were enjoying their time along, a person emerged with a bouquet of flowers. All the women puzzled WHO the flowers were for? The message on the gift card browse, “Petals for my flower petal, fancy your party animal product.”

Annie and Nonku weren’t affected along with her special gift and Nonku even asked if LaConco didn’t obtain herself the flowers. animal productonco disclosed that flower petal had simply bought himself a yacht and also the girls were convinced that LaC has bagged herself a wealthy person

Twitter users have reacted to LaConco’s surprise.

It’s lovely to ascertain LaConco finally obtaining the boldness to talk regarding her making love this season. throughout the primary season, The Zuma’s had issued a stern warning to her to not dare talk about them on the show in a very bid to guard their surname and uphold their dignity.
LaConco finds a new love? we'd love to see her . 5
She recently displayed regarding her failing relationship with Zuma and same folks created their love a public issue whereas that wasn’t her intention. “The position i’m in… I found love and that i stayed faithful that love. however sadly, there have been folks that had AN interest therein love and created it a public issue once it had been not my intention,” she said.

“No one gets into a relationship, particularly if you’re young, to face circumstances that I went through. I had to return to a degree wherever I had to just accept things and these area unit the circumstances. Okay this is often it,” she value-added.
LaConco finds a new love? we'd love to see her . 6
She went on to reveal that she is raising her son along with her mother and she or he ne’er anticipated that. “I ne’er knew i’d be at a stage wherever i’m raising my son with my mother. I ne’er fell in love… to be at this example i’m at these days. I don’t suppose the scars can ever heal,”

In closing, she same she is going to forever respect him despite their breakup

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