KOTW DJ Naves & Sphectacula have gotten overwhelming analysis for their melody ‘Ngeke’.

KOTW DJ Naves & Sphectacula have gotten overwhelming analysis for their melody ‘Ngeke’.

Masters Of The Weekend DJs Naves and Sphectacula have rubbished claims that their tune Ngeke “progresses ambush culture”, saying it is about near and dear goal and the ability to achieve what you need.

The tune, which was released some time earlier, went under the spotlight starting late when it was pulled into a conversation about radio stations as far as anyone knows not playlisting Moonchild Sanelly’s tune Askies.

Craftsman Lebo Mashile and TV have Penny Lebyane were among various who imparted stress with respect to why Naves and Sphe’s tune was played on radio yet Moonchild’s song wasn’t.

Responding to a customer who shared a couple of stanzas from Ngeke, Lebo expressed: “They won’t playlist Moonchild yet they will cheerfully play tunes that advance ambush culture.”

In a declaration to TshisaLIVE, Naves and Sphe said it was not their plan to propel ambush in the tune, including it was not something they play with.

“We should ensure music dears this was infrequently the arranged significance, nor would they (Naves and Sphe) ever recollect such an idea for the music they make.

“Ngeke is absolutely by no means, propelling attack culture. This is without a doubt not something we fool with or would recall for our music by any means.”

They said the song was about near and dear yearning and the ability to achieve what you need through your own commitment and enthusiasm.

“Your friends and family can simply provoke and manage you for the duration of regular day to day existence aside from continuously end the buck stops with you and it is you who needs to put in the work to gain ground.”

The DJs explained that anyway a couple of individuals see the tune in an opposite light, it was proposed to be a powerful tune.

“Deplorably a couple of individuals have chosen to interpret the subject of the tune oppositely anyway that is something that won’t fix the general inspiring nature of our objective with the song.”