Khanyi Mbau’s birthday pictures set social media on fire

Khanui Mbau’s birthday pictures set social media on fire

Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau

Recently, Khanukani has been in the captions as Mzansi assumed she was pregnant when Lasizwe posted a videotape of the family trying to take a family picture. Numerous suckers of the YouTuber were quick to conclude that the 15 time old was pregnant. Khanukani’s megastar mama latterly addressed the rumours as she said they were false. Khanukani’s birthday filmland go viral a many days latterly in the wake of all the drama.
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After numerous publications wrote about the possibility of her getting the youthful grandmother in the entertainment assiduity, Khanyi Mbau took to Instagram to address her son’s gestation rumours. Khanyi was fuming at the people who spread the rumours saying it was disgusting to speak of a child like that. She stated that grown-ups should be guarding the children, not bullying them.

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Khanyi Mbau also pledged to fight whoever tried to bully her child. After all the false gestation rumour drama, the star took to Instagram to celebrate her son’s 15th birthday. She posted a sweet note to Khanukani on her Instagram and posted a bunch of filmland from the time Khanukani was still a baby. Some of her followers were pixies who took to the comment sections saying they wanted to see the rearmost prints of her son if she was really not pregnant. The post was latterly taken down.
The proud mama also posted a bunch of filmland of Khanukani of a photoshoot she did for her birthday, all glammed up. Everything from her make-up was professionally done, and she looked like a model. Numerous suckers were shaken when they saw how important resemblance to her mama she bore. Celebrities like Nadia Nakai, Simz Ngema, DJ Zinhle and Somizi took to the comment section to say that Khanukani was beautiful.

Khanukani posted just one picture on her Instagram runner from the photoshoot thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. What a way to shut haters up.

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