Khanyi Mbau talks about her feeling like going on a date with a very handsome and rich man

Khanyi Mbau talks about her feeling like going on a date with a very handsome and rich man

South African media personality, Khanyi Mbau, has posed herself because the nation’s Bachelorette, as she called upon the lads of Mzansi submit their appeals to be her date for tomorrow night. the truth star, who is newly single, sent out a tweet on Monday, 2 November 2020, which asked for handsome AND rich men to submit their applications for her consideration.

She stated, “I desire happening date a really handsome man of means 2moro night, Serious people only. Ps. I said handsome and rich. Tag me.

The call to action caused to trolls to feature their two cents in response to her tweet, by Ms Mbau was ready and waiting with an epic clap back. A Tweep, by the name of Themba responded with, “Go to PPE beneficiaries. Or finish Matric and pursue a career in order that your Daughter can respect you.”, Khanyi comically replied with, “You are broke aren’t you!!!”, then exchange went on with the person claiming that despite his bank balance, he doesn’t choose “prostitutes”, to which Khanyi claimed he was ‘the pot calling the kettle black’.

Themba then went for the jugular, replying with, “U used Tebogo for food and accommodation. endorsement nyana u dump him. Now u want another mandla. Remember ua competing nama 2000.” Khanyi chose to ignore his ridiculous comments, and her fans asked him to travel heal.

Serious contenders however shot their shot at the media mogul, offering their stats and private credentials in hopes of getting them noticed. Khanyi’s female followers rallied behind her and offered their support in her blatantly stating she wanted her a person with money. Khanyi also claimed to be fully aware that the trolls were getting to begin to play, and she or he was ready and expecting their ludicrous comments.

In July 2020, Khanyi Mbau and her musician bae Tebogo Lerole called it quits on their relationship and this point , it had been permanently . That wasn’t the primary time the famous couple called it quits and even Khanyi in her statement noted this fact as she announced the top of her relationship.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Khanyi shared that their second attempt as a few grew them “even further apart”.

“Tebogo Edward billion has chosen to require a special path and have chosen to respect it and let him soar into greatness. And by this we are not any longer an item,” shared the media personality. In 2018, the couple announced their split but somehow the managed to seek out their way back to every other and attempted to figure on their issues but it seems they were unable to try to to so.