Khanyi Mbau Makes joke Of Kudzai’s Heartbreak and mzansi react

Khanyi Mbau Makes joke Of Kudzai’s Heartbreak

Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau

Whilst Kudzai Mushonga is reeling when being “dumped” in city by his important person girlfriend Khanyi Mbau, she on the opposite hand has the time of her life in clubs. Khanyi was the host at Mabopane Shisanyama yesterday and she or he ceased the chance to form fun of Kudzai when she left him sulking and alone in city.

Khanyi Mbau left a bitter style on social media user’s mouths once she dissed a heartsick man, once she was the rate at the gig. once the song Umsebenzi Wethu was taking part in, she said, “Shiya indoda eDubai. Uhambe ngathi uyabuya,” that interprets to “leave that man alone in city. Leave as if you are returning.”

On the opposite hand, Kudzai has been posting his Mrs K non stop on social media ever since the incident happened.

Social media has place Khanyi on blast for her actions, with some oral communication if the tables were turned Kudzai would are known as all types of names.

“If it absolutely was a person World Health Organization did what Khanyi Mbau did he would be off straight away, all the pretend feminist are going to be everywhere social media crying foul. however keh Khanyi may be a girl,” commented Zandile stand out.

“Khanyi Mbau got to be known as out, stop complimentary amanyala Nina (nonsense),” Kamo Marven aforementioned.

“Karma is aware of everyone’s address, that is all I will say during this Khanyi state of affairs,” Zilungile aforementioned.

Here square measure another reactions:

— Zandile Excel (@ZandileExcel) September 12, 2021

Kudzai came clean regarding what happened in city that created Khanyi leave the means she did. In AN emotional Instagram Live, with tears virtually kicking off from his eyes, Kudzai took a number of the blame and apologised to Khanyi for not giving her the eye she required.

“I would really like to apologise to my girl Mrs K for taking our personal life on Instagram. i used to be symptom, I honestly did not skills to influence my emotions, baby i like you,” he wrote.

They then talked things through via video decision. “I am not sheepish to to face on high of the globe and admit i like you! You became my world, my everything,” he said.

All he needed was for them to require over city and become the king and queen of the country. “Everything I had, I shared with you. i believed i used to be conveyance you to city in order that we will be international, I aforementioned kid, Republic of South Africa is crowded , you don’t build that a lot of, however regarding we tend to go somewhere and simply try? I registered a corporation in city, with Khanyi as a fifty one shareowner and she or he came up with a reputation. The arrange was for her to try to to her social media stuff whereas I simply do my regular work,” he said.

“It price over R100k to register a corporation and that i acquired that even though i used to be fighting with my friends. firstclass, it’s on American state baby. you ought to have simply let American state understand. Was i actually that dangerous to you? what percentage things of my very own did I sacrifice simply to … I ought to have listened to my mother. I ne’er song to it girl. She’s the primary girl I ne’er cheated on,” Kudzai continued .


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p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Me reading the tweets of people who were bashing Katlego Maboe for cheating on his wife now they are praising Khanyi Mbau for leaving a man in Dubai alone because he was broke.
Khanyi Mbau Makes joke Of Kudzai's Heartbreak and mzansi react 3

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