Kelly Khumalo loses her luxury car after failing to pay off debts

Kelly Khumalo loses her luxury car after failing to pay off debts

Kelly Khumalo‘s car will allegedly get repossessed by Nedbank after failing to stay up with monthly installments. consistent with Sunday World, the Esiphambwaneni hitmaker has reportedly defaulted her payments and is currently faced with R62 000 arrear fees.

The luxury car in question may be a 2011 Porsche Cayenne Tiptronic vehicle that she purchased in March 2017 through a loan of R500 000 from Nedbank. Kelly was obligated to pay slightly below R10 000 monthly up until April 2023. This excludes insurance for the car.

After failing to stay up with such payments, Motor Finance Corporation (MFC) has managed to file papers at the Joburg supreme court, for a default judgment against Khumalo.

In July this year, Nedbank’s attorneys, DRSM Attorneys wrote a letter of demand to Kelly, instructing her to ante up and keep her account up so far. In August, the agreement was canceled after Kelly did not answer the letter.

She then received further communication from the banks asking her to bring back the vehicle, because the agreement has now been canceled. Further action was taken within the sort of summons and consistent with the publication she still refused to comply.

The company is now expecting the banks’ go-ahead in repossessing the vehicle as Kelly has did not do so.

Just last week, we reported on another prominent figure who got her two luxury cars repossessed by Standard Bank for also failing to stay up together with her payments.

Standard Bank has allegedly gotten the court’s approval to repossess media personality Khanyi Mbau’s two luxury sports cars after she did not continue with the monthly installments.

According to City Press’s latest developments, Khanyi Mbau did not answer the court papers that were handed to her on time. The German cars in question are a 2015 Porsche 912 Carrera and a 2014 Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG.

“Take note that the applicant intends to form application to the above honorable court for an order within the following: confirming the cancellation of the subsequent installment sale agreement, that the respondent shall immediately return the subsequent assets to the applicant; 2014 Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG with engine number… and 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS PDK 911,” reads the notice of motion, as quoted by Sunday World a month ago.

After allegedly missing two months’ worth of payment, her accounts are behind and with the court taking the bank’s side, she has got to fork over her cars. The actress and radio personality had advised the bank last month that she sold the Mercedes-Benz before receiving any court orders.

The cars apparently cost R1.5 million each and therefore the reality star was allegedly paying approximately R28 000 for every car. it’s reported that Khanyi missed payments for 3 consecutive months ranging from March this year, but settled those fees.