Kelly Khumalo dropped a bombshell ” Meyiwa isn’t my daughter

 Kelly Khumalo dropped a bombshell ” Meyiwa isn’t my daughter

Vocalist Kelly Khumalo dropped a vibe that left everyone shocked and with apprehension. This after the songstress and on-screen character provided details regarding live radio that the young lady we all in all acknowledged she granted to late Orlando Privateers soccer star Senzo Meyiwa, is truly not a Meyiwa.

According to African culture, if a man impregnates a woman with just one parent present, he needs to pay “hurts”. Senzo, who has a 6-year-old young lady with Kelly Khumalo, didn’t pay hurts. moreover, therefore, Kelly Khumalo said her young lady isn’t a Khumalo and will never be.

Kelly explained: “The child isn’t a Meyiwa, she’s Khumalo. Likewise, I don’t see the need of plunking down and chatting with the Meyiwas. We aren’t family and will never be.”@@@

In a Ukhozi FM meet on Irvin Sihlophe’s Ezemidlalo sports show up on Friday, Kelly said Mzansi despised her because of the Meyiwas. In any case, said she’d absolved them and had continued forward, adding she’d left them to be overseen by God.

Kelly in like manner commented on cases of being related with her newborn child daddy’s crime.

“How is it my issue? Is it my insufficiency considering the way that Senzo worshiped me? I don’t think its thought being my issue that Senzo was shot begins from South Africa.”I think the people who accepted a vocation in driving South Africa to scorn me is Senzo’s family. They presented me to a lot of abhor and drove South Africa to disdain me as well.”

She said the Meyiwas called her a wide scope of names.

Requested Kelly: “They never appreciated me. In case you search Google, you’ll see they said a lot of things with respect to me.”

Additionally, considering her daughter’s requests with respect to her dad, Kelly said she prompted her Senzo was in heaven and would one day consider her. The craftsman also reprimanded the Meyiwas for conceding the catch of Senzo’s [email protected]@@

“They’re the clarification the killers haven’t been found,” Kelly insisted.

“They focused on hating me and considering me to be subject rather than endeavoring to find who butchered Senzo.”

She said Senzo was a hands-on father and wished he was around to watch his young lady create.

Senzo Meyiwa’s uncle Sfiso Meyiwa said they don’t scorn Kelly anyway there was a confusion between the two get-togethers.

“We’re willing to plunk down with her and sort things out if its no different to she.”

About the damages, he expressed: “It’s our craving to go to the Khumalo’s and pay the damages. In any case, we don’t have the foggiest thought when we’ll go there.”