Katlego Maboe to Appear in Court

Katlego Maboe to Appear in Court

Just once you thought that the Katlego Maboe saga is dying down and that we can all advance with our lives! The story takes another turn, and that we have then dragged back to the breakup drama between Katlego Maboe and his estranged partner and baby mama, Monique Muller.

This time the presenter is going to be appearing in court on the 3rd of November for going against the protection order Monique took the call in September. consistent with Rapport, the NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila confirmed that both Katlego and Monique are going to be required to attend the proceedings.

Just last week it’s Monique that rehashed the drama with an exclusive tell-all interview with “GoBinge.” Monique has allegedly already sat down with the favored gossip YouTube channel and therefore the page has just shared the teaser for the upcoming interview that’s a moment preview, which already on its own shares some tea which will be interesting to listen to when contextualized how the connection between Katlego and Monique really was behind-the-scenes.

One matter that piqued the interest of commentators is Monique’s suggested explanation of how the 2 of them met. The preview suggests that they started their relationship by having a one-night stand. a number of the questions that arose from commentators now expecting the interview inquired the character of the one-night stand.

But a flash they saved for the last little bit of “> little bit of the segment and can probably but the last bit of the interview too is Monique speaking on the type of father that Katlego is. Monique confirms what the video and lots of have commentators have highlighted; that it’s apparent that Katlego loves and maybe a primary model as his son’s father figure. Monique categorically states that “But he’s a f*cking great father. he’s an excellent father to our son.’

The real question is why Monique conducted the interview. From the leaked video, she ensured damaging Katlego’s career despite being kept by Outsurance and Espresso after this has died down. Katlego will always have the matter on the general public record and can never be ready to live it down. Unless, of course, he gets that Jub Jub luck on his side.