Jub Jub is angry after being denied the vote

Jub Jub is angry after being denied the vote

Jub Jub is angry after being denied the vote
Jub Jub is angry after being denied the vote

Mzansi rapper, and TV moderator, Jub Jub was one of numerous South Africans who were incapable to vote in the common decisions after going to a station where they were not registered.




The performer who presents Moja Love’s reality TV appear Uyajola 9/9 shared his disturbance on his Instagram Stories.




On Wednesday, 29 May, Jub Jub gone to his closest surveying station to cast his vote. Be that as it may, the TV identity was turned away.




He shared in an IG Story: “This framework is bullsh*t. If you out of town and voyaging, you can’t vote in another town”.





Jub Jub at that point proceeded in a foul-mouthed tirade at the government.




According to the Free Constituent Commission (IEC), citizens seem as it were vote at the station where they were enlisted. A voter voyaging exterior of their area amid the decisions was energized to apply for a Section24A vote.







The IEC site clearly states that citizens “must inform the Appointive Commission by completing an online Area 24A frame to advise us in which voting area you would like to vote on voting day. By capturing the address where you will be, the framework will distinguish the important voting district”.




Jub Jub wasn’t the as it were high-profile individual who was cleared out disillusioned at the surveying station.



South African celebrity chef Fikile Zungu, moreover known as Fikz, has talked out almost being “denied” her right to vote overseas in Belgium, where she is based.






In a video message posted on X, Fiks – who gloats celebrity clientele like DJ Zinhle – uncovered she had enrolled to vote abroad.




The chef is utilized at South Africa’s Government office in Belgium, where she has worked for the final 14 a long time. Agreeing to Fiks, her bosses had educated her that everything was over board ahead of the elections.




However, Fikz was afterward told that she was not on the list of enlisted voters at the Belgian Embassy.




“You told me I was registered…why am I not on the list?”














Fikz shared a screenshot of an official complaint she had recorded with IEC Commissioner Glen Mashinini.




Part of it studied: “I discover the Embassy’s activities as net bad form. [It is too] individual since the Government office terminated me three and a half a long time prior. Subsequently, I feel that I am being disrupted by and by. The International safe haven has never made any exertion to discover out what the issue was.




She included: “I sit here in tears…Why am I being punished…[by taking] absent my law based right?”




In reaction to Fikz’s tweet, the official account of the IEC South Africa addressed the chef if she had connected for a VEC10 take note, which is required to vote out of the country.




To which Fikz reacted: “No one told me almost this…I don’t indeed know what it is.”