John Vuli Gate singer leaves mzansi forever

John Vuli Gate singer leaves mzansi forever

John Vuli Gate singer leaves mzansi forever
John Vuli Gate singer leaves mzansi forever

NTOSH Gazi has permanently left Mzansi to live in the United Kingdom.

The John Vuli Gate songster permanently left Mzansi towards the end of last time.
“ Originally, I was on stint with my platoon but I’ve made the decision to permanently stay then. This is because within the two months I’ve been then, I’ve managed to make a huge request this side for amapiano,” he said.

“ Secondly, I’ve been presented with endless good openings and I’ve formerly seized a many. As a South African artist, I know the struggles of the assiduity. I ’ve been there and I was n’t going to let openings pass me by.”
Ntosh also decided to stay in the UK because jealous people in South Africa were trying to block his success.

“ I do n’t really condemn them because there are too numerous artists fighting for the same spots. Fortunately, an occasion presented itself for me to spread my bodies.”
Still, Ntosh said making the decision wasn’t easy.

“ I allowed long and hard about this and I felt it was my ticket to a brighter future.
“ I’ve consulted my family and musketeers and they all gave their blessing. I’m formerly conforming to the culture then and how they do effects,” he said.

Ntosh said there was a lot of occasion for growth in the UK. “ I formerly do Amapiano Fridays at Smade Lounge in London.
“ This is a guaranteed gig on a daily base, unlike South Africa where I had to supplicate people for my coming gig,” he said.

“ When I arrived then, I realised so numerous South Africans want this kind of music. The locals also love it,” he said.
“ Not so long ago the song Iyo by Diamond Platnumz, featuring Focalistic and me, was on high gyration on BBC Radio.

“ For the first time in my music career, I ’m happy and satisfied,” he said.

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