John Vuli Gate girls are spanked again with another banger

John Vuli Gate girls are spanked again with another banger

It looks just like the John Vuli gate girls are back and at this point, they need to drop a video of them dancing during a local restaurant. One thing they create sure of is dancing in very revealing clothes and Mzansi reacts to the video.

Others are pleased with the video to commend their hustling during this adversity. Some are more curious about their dressing and are only wishing for the women to point out a touch bit quiet their clothes are revealing.

Watch the video:

Commenting on social media their fans say:

“This girl is wearing an “Apple Smart Skirt” It is programmed in such how that it pretends to require to point out some cheeks but it doesn’t.”

“These girls are a real definition of “amaphanta” (hustlers). Even when the entire nation has forgotten about them they still trying to travel viral by any means”

“SA is lit.. we’ve strippers in restaurants… I’m never leaving this country”

However, some aren’t really impressed with the video and think they ought to practice their dancing. Others oppose saying the women are seeking attention an excessive amount of. Many think that they ought to not base their popularity on wearing such revealing clothes and just attempt to dance without showing assets publicly.

Other critics are saying things like:

“What are they doing this is often not a comeback”

“Kamo Mphela must take them for dancing sessions haai ku bad.”

The last time these ladies did so well and that they were invited to perform and dance to the toilet Vuli Gate track. However, it didn’t go so well as people expected more dance moves from them and more entertainment.

Hopefully this point they need tons more under their sleeves in order that they are doing not disappoint their fans because once the fans hand over on them it’ll be bad for his or her popularity.