Isibaya Used Our House Without Permission!

Isibaya Used Our House Without Permission!

Remember the agricultural KZN house that belongs to the Ndlovus in Isibaya?

Well the important family that owns that house are angry with the producers of Isibaya for using their house without permission.

According to Sunday Sun the Sithole family in Msinga in KZN claim the house that appears on Isibaya is theirs and Isibaya is disrespecting them.

“This is disrespectful of Isibaya. They use our home and we’re angry as they didn’t invite permission.” said Ayanda Sithole the family spokesperson.

She says the assembly house never said anything about shooting in their house and instead gave their deceased mom only R500.

“Our late mum told us there have been people that claimed they only came to admire our home. She said they gave her R500 and for drinks.

She further told us the visitors had cameras with them, but never asked her permission to use the house for TV production,”

The family has been trying to urge in-tuned with Bomb Productions but to no avail.

“We’re rural people and don’t skills to travel about reporting this matter. It’s heartbreaking for people to disrespect us this manner . Isibaya should do the proper thing. At least, we’d like an agreement that’d benefit both parties.”