Is Lasizwe Ready to Become A Dad?

Is Lasizwe Ready to Become A Dad?


It is while not a doubt that flamboyant reality show lead Lasizwe Dambuza, would create such a good dada. The lead had unconcealed before on his reality show pretend It until you create It: With Lasizwe that he was taking care of her sister’s baby and his love for kids is unmatched.

Not to forget his heart of gold, as proved in his wide mentioned #R10GoesALongWay education funding initiative. Lasizwe recently need to bond with Cassper’s bundle of joy Khotso and he liquid our hearts with the videos. the 2 will be seen taking part in along and he left his fans feeling broody.
Taking to his Instagram stories Lasizwe mentioned that he’s able to become a dada however there’s just one drawback. He doesn’t have a baby mama. He same he desires AN ovary to meet his dream of turning into a parent.
This is not the primary time that Lasizwe has talked concerning having children. He once same having biological youngsters was one among his life goals, that confused several of his fans, as he’s overtly gay.
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He conjointly unconcealed his weirdest fantasy that appalled many of us. in step with him, he wished to do it a non-South African girl and obtain her pregnant. This therefore he will have mixed raced babies.

“I really need to do it a lady and obtain her pregnant,” he same and a appalled Moonchild asked, he needs to own babies, and he in agreement that he will so. As frightened as he’s, Lasizwe thinks the expertise would be traumatic. “I can recognize that I actually have lived once those high 2 fantasies of mine ar achieved wherever a until death do North American nation half wedding happens and that i have my very own child and have older a lady.
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He did add tho’ that he doesn’t need it to be an everyday issue. “I don’t need it to be an everyday issue, I simply need to travel to penalties. I don’t need it to be continual, I simply need to travel to penalty, shoot, score and done.”

“And i need my kid to be mixed race, just like the most stunning kid. i need to form a colored. it’s therefore nice I forever have this fantasy of my kid spoken language ‘my dada is South African and my mum is Russian or my mum is from New island.’ And my kid has hazel eyes or blue-ish, green eyes and has ringleted hair. I stalk Takkies a lot…her youngsters, I might steal her youngsters,” he said.

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