is khanyi mbau engaged already With R1 Million Lobola?

khanyi mbau engaged to new Zimbabwean millionaire bae

Is media temperament Khayi Mbau engaged to new Zimbabwean have bae, Kudzai Mushonga?

The reality star aghast her fans once she discovered what gave the impression of associate engagement on her finger on her Instagram stories some days. She’s additionally denote an image recently wherever she’s sporting a hoop on wedding finger.

Although the player solely came public concerning her new relationship this Valentines, sources have discovered to Sunday World that she’s really been seeing her new bae for some months already.

When asked what quantity cash Kudzai would be willing to acquire Khanyi he sais though it’s onerous to grasp simply nevertheless he would fain drop an entire R1 million rand for the player.

The reality star United Nations agency is seemingly wealthy|looking good|wealthy|prosperous|moneyed|well-to-do} additionally discovered in associate interview with Sizwe Dhlomo on his Kaya FM radio show why she solely dates moneyed men and she or he doesn’t need a partner United Nations agency isn’t rich when her split with ex-boyfriend, Tebogo Lerole.

She explained that money is primary and love is secondary for her as she was during a fond relationship together with her ex-boyfriend however it didn’t last. However, the couple formally split a year and a [*fr1] when obtaining back along.

Before chemical analysis her new have bae, she additionally discovered on her Twitter account that she’s trying to find a handsome and made man:

“I desire happening date a really handsome wealthy man tomorrow night. Serious folks solely. Ps. I aforesaid handsome and made. Tag me.”

Speaking to TshisaLive the fact star stated: “The factor is with my relationships I treat them like however I obtain a automotive or a house … you recognize what you would like within the house. i do know what my necessities square measure and i am not getting to go into reverse.

“So many folks confuse relationships and say, ‘Ah, i am trying to find love’ and 2 months down the link they are trying to find one thing else and that is why they will ne’er win as a result of you haven’t created it clear what you would like.”

Background on Kudzai Terrence:

Kudzai Terrence is half dozen years younger than Mbau as he’s 28-year-old Kudzai Terrence Mushonga. he’s additionally reportedly the youngest Zimbabwean to possess associate heavier-than-air craft back in 2016. He got his nickname “Ndege Boy” that may be a name he attained when forking out on a group of personal planes.