In Pictures: Enhle Mbali unveils a luxurious white Porsche at its all-white birthday party

Enhle Mbali unveils a luxurious white Porsche at its all-white birthday party

Actress, Enhle Mbali revealed her much anticipated luxurious white Porsche which she gifted herself for her 33rd birthday last night on her Instagram.

The actress also had an all-white birthday celebration last night, which matched her new car and her white gorgeous white dress. She shared countless Instagram stories of her all-white 33rd birthday celebration together with her |along with her”> together with her followers last night after posting a picture with her Porsche.

The actress broke all the stereotypes for her 33rd birthday as she also bought herself a promise ring to like herself unconditionally and gifted herself the Porsche rather than expecting a person to shop for it for her, and that we are here for it.

She posted a picture of her white Porsche, and posed in front of it wearing a white dress, and captioned the image: “Happy birthday to me #simplylive #simplylove #simplyenhle🎓🌺🍭 #empressEnhle @tatsography_ dress @scalodesigner.” previously reported that the mother of two previously broke the news of buying herself a Porsche during a video on her Instagram account and revealed the news towards the top of the video and also revealed a promise ring she gifted herself, where she promises to like herself unconditionally.

She captioned the video: “Let me share the enjoyment of life with you #Simplyenhle it’s my birthday.”

She stated within the video that she walked into Porsche, saw a car, loved it and spoke to her banker, got herself a Porsche as a birthday gift. She said she got it every week ago.

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