IN MEMES | So… Lockdown went & made Masabatha immortal? Wow!

    IN MEMES | So… Lockdown went & made Masabatha immortal? Wow!

Nthati Moshesh (Masabatha) and Zola Nombona (Monde) on the set of ‘Lockdown’.
Image: Twitter/Lockdown
Lockdown viewers’ celebrations over the “death” of Masabatha were cut short when it turned out the cult leader was very much alive, just with a tendency of sleeping with her eyes wide open!

Masabatha has dominated Lockdown for most of this season and her often complex storyline has seen fans call for her death, or at least that the writers let other storylines flourish.

The character fans love to hate is played by talented, veteran actress Nthati Moshesh.

While she sure is slaying the role as Masabatha, her character has been so convincing that fans can no longer stomach her evil ways.

However, despite all their tweets aimed at the scriptwriters, it seems Masabatha is here to stay. Masabatha turning out to be “just asleep” with her eyes open, after fans thought she had died, was enough proof that the cult queen is now immortal!

Fans still hope she’ll die soon and had the memes.