Images: Actor Andile Mxakaza gushes over his wife, Lady Du

Images: Actor Andile Mxakaza gushes over his wife, Lady Du

Actor Andile Mxakaza gushes over his wife, Lady Du
Actor Andile Mxakaza gushes over his wife, Lady Du

Former Isibaya actor Andile Mxakaza, has taken to social media to gush over his woman Lady Du, who won big at the 13th periodic Feather Awards.

The awards took place on Thursday night at the Market Theatre and they were a success formerly again. Lady Du bagged two awards for the Fah Hag of The Year and the Stylish Musician.
His hubby complimented her in a sweeet Instagram post that melted the hearts of numerous people. In a first post he congratulated her aesthetics and we’re then for it.

The amapiano sensation slipped a black and white gown and she looked like a million bucks.” Musician of the time and grubber hag of the time. wow!!!! Nazoke, well done! Muhleza wami. I’m so proud of you. Keep on shining,” he complimented her.
A month ago Andile and Lady Du celebrated their anniversary. Taking to Instagram to celebrate, Lady Du penned a lengthy sweet communication. She said agreeing to marry the Isibiya star was the stylish decision of her life.

She wrote “ I’m crying last time April I decided to date someone I ’ve known ever, 4 months latterly on this day the 4th of august he proposed. As broken as I was spooked not knowing how a man could make a decision to marry someone in 4 months. I agreed, man that was the stylish decision I ’ve ever made. I chose love, I chose protection, I chose honesty, I chose respect, I chose a stylish friend, I chose a man that treats me like the only woman in the world, I ’d watch his character on Isibaya and suppose it was all an act but no, he played himself!!! I thank God and my grandmother In heaven.
Lady Du’s star keeps on shining bright and we’re then for it. Sis is taking over the South African music assiduity with her catchy lyrics and great moves. She lately opened up about her medical problems.

She said she had always had breathing problems ever since she was youthful. The talented musician said she has underdeveloped lungs which affect her good.
“ Commodity particular I ’d like to partake with you guys, it has affected me for times. Since I was born I ’ve had breathing problems, I can not do anything active for further than a nanosecond, but there’s commodity about why I feel like God gave me my musical gift. I can dance on stage for 25 twinkles, pour my heart out but I wo n’t pass out. But as soon as I run for a nanosecond I go straight to sanitarium. Every three months I go to the croaker so they can clean my system.”

“ I call it asthma because that’s what utmost people understand but my lungs, as I was told by the croaker, are underdeveloped and too small to carry my weight. When you see me on stage performing my stylish know that as hard as it’s for me to breathe, I ’m giving everything I have,” she participated.

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