Image: Prince Kaybee’s anaconda causes a stir For Mzansi

Image: Prince Kaybee’s anaconda causes a stir For Mzansi

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee

It’s without a mistrustfulness that award- winning DJ Prince Kaybee has had an outstanding career since he shot to fame. The DJ who has been in the assiduity for further than a decade now, and has contributed immensely to the growth of the music assiduity in the country.

He boasts hit compendiums that continue to break the maps, and has voyaged across the world to give people a taste of South African music. Not only he’s a DJ, but he’s also a music patron and an entrepreneur. His multitudinous aqueducts of income will leave you in admiration and inspired. The DJ is the proprietor of Prince Kaybee Effects, which is a logistics company.

Taking to his social media platforms, Prince Kaybee left his followers stunned after showing his masculinity. The DJ participated a glass image of him but suckers noticed his d*ck print and they could n’t help but marvel at what they were seeing.

The music patron who used to be in the limelight every day, seems to have gone quiet recently, but it seems he’s back to reclaim his throne hence he’s formerly causing a buzz on social media.

It’s common for musician to drop buff when promoting their forthcoming work and it seems Prince Kaybee may be making use of this as he’s gearing up to drop his 5th plant reader named Gemini. Numerous noted that he participated the picture designedly because he wanted to trend since he’ll release his new body of work soon.

In 2021, the DJ released his 22- track design named The 4th Republic. The reader didn’t admit the hype he was anticipating. He put the blame on Amapiano saying the kidney is absolutely competitive. He also spoke of how he was told by a woman while playing at a gig, to switch from playing house to Yanos.
Also, he reflected on the lack of attention the reader entered from the marker, and of course, Amapiano’s dominance. “ Yeah it was fumbled, but part of it’s the dominance of Amapiano, maturity people want Amapiano. I was playing at a club two weeks agone and a girl approached me asking when am I playing it and also why am I not dancing like Waffles,” he said on Twitter.

The DJ is also no foreigner to making captions for the wrong reason whether it’s because of his Twitter harangues or relationship problems. In 2021 Prince Kaybee made captions after a woman by the name of Hazel Mahazard claimed he was cheating on his gal Zola with her. Hazel blurted screenshots of their private exchanges and Prince Kaybee’s buff.
The DJ hovered to sue her for oohing his buff but she latterly released a statement apologizing to the DJ for the damage that the picture caused to his brand, “ I would like to take this occasion to apologize to Kabelo for the posts, and any damage that the last picture may have caused to his quality, public image, particular life, and his businesses,” she said.
The DJ and his gal Zola are now blessed with a baby boy together. Speaking to Daily Sun, Zola opened up about juggling her career and fatherhood.

“ Motherhood is amazing but it’s also grueling. I ’ve been working hard at making sure that I balance fatherhood and my career. I want to remain as ambitious as I was and reach my pretensions. I do n’t want to forget myself and I ’m trying to balance that with being a mama,” she told the paper.
Image: Prince Kaybee’s anaconda causes a stir For Mzansi 3

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