Idols SA judge that got FIRED makes return to TV

Idols SA judge that got FIRED makes return to TV

Idols SA judge that got FIRED makes return to TV
Idols SA judge that got FIRED makes return to TV

Icons SA judges this time have had lot of negative hype girding them. They’ve been on the news but not so good news, just bad bone that has ruined their character and indeed go them their jobs.

In the entertainment assiduity, the golden policy is that you ought to abide by the rules and insure you’re playing a veritably fair game, else one single mistake and you’re out.

There’s no time for pause, you’ll lose signatures, gigs and indeed get cancelled on Twitter. We all know when Twitter cancels you, you’re done. Black twitter doesn’t give up until you’re out of the assiduity.
It’s the same that they’re calling for to be done on Icons SA judge, Unathi Nkayi.
Last week, we reported that Unathi Nkayi has been fired from Kaya FM following false claims of abuse against her coworker, Sizwe Dlomo.

After an disquisition which presented substantiation, it was discovered that she wasn’t telling the verity and redounded her in being fired.
Still, looks like she isn’t fired everyplace as she has landed a Television gig. Nkayi will be hosting the season two of Gleeful Get- Together in The Life Artois which will take place on 1 December. She’ll co host with cook-restaurantuer Alessandro Khojane.

Although she’s keeping the Television gig, she has lost a major bone. On Tuesday, the GQ’s Editor in Chief, Molife Kumona said that Unathi will no longer host the 2021 GQ MAN of the Year Awards form, taking place on 27 November at Four seasons Hostel, due to’ unlooked-for circumstances.”
The Gleeful Get- Together in The Life Artois presented by Stella Artois in cooperation with Mzansi Magic will premiere on Wednesday, 1 December at 2130 on Mzansi Magic channel 161.

It isn’t clear though whether Unathi will continue long with presenting this show as the public roar for her to be cancelled grows a instigation on social media. It’ll be remembered that for Mnet to decide on showing the door, former Icons SA judge, Somizi Mhlongo was made by pressure from social media calling for him to be cancelled. The same is passing for Unathi and this will be possible to be.

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