ICYMIICYMI: Shauwn Mkhize’s Humility Praised

ICYMI: Shauwn Mkhize’s Humility Praised

Avid KwaMamkhize viewers have shown consistent support for Shauwn Mkhize’s character and personality.

Every week, viewers are entertained by the Durban businesswoman and her lavish lifestyle does not seem to cloud her humble nature. We learn something new from MaMkhize and she continues to impress viewers every week.

The latest episode saw her getting praised for allowing her ex-husband to live in her house, however keeping a fair distance from each other. Her ability to also keep the relationship between her ex-husband and their children healthy was something viewers were proud of.

She was also heard saying she does not want to poison Andile against his father and speak ill about him. Shauwn has also not spoken bad things about the father of her children as that would turn them against each other.

Her maturity and humble demeanor made her viewers love her all over again.