ICYMI: We hope the truth will come out soon.

ICYMI: We hope the truth will come out soon.

Recently Miss Namibia, Selma Kamanya came out to accuse the Miss Namibia Institution over the misuse of funds that were meant to be directed to her as the Miss Namibia winner for 2018.

In the year 2018, Selma Kamanya claimed the crown for Miss Namibia and one could hardly forget her because of her ethics and how confident she had been throughout the beauty peagant.

Her recent accusations that she laid against the Miss Namibia organizers have since put her and the organization under the spotlight. The Miss Namibia Joint Venture has since released a statement in response to those accusations.

The Managing Director, Conny Maritz, said that ‘At the core of her complaint is the assertion that she did not benefit from the portion of the “public funds” raised that she was “entitled to” as winner of the Crown. This assertion is untrue.’

In her tell all moment, Selma Kamanya revealed that she had little to no support at all and other former Miss Namibia beauty queens have also raised the same concerns about the institution and how it mishandles the funds.

“I have found that i had little to no support from the institution of Miss Namibia beauty pageant. This was particularly challenging because the institution holds authority over how a Miss Namibia may appear in what manner aligned with a number of the terms and conditions that Miss Namibia is subjected to,” she explained.

The Miss Namibia organizers also feel that this is coming as a surprise to them as they were not made aware of the way Selma was feeling. “Not once since her crowning did she even suggest that she was entertaining any thoughts that she had not received the full value of her cash prize sponsorships.” said Maritz.

The statement released mentioned that the Miss Namibia Pageant is not a get rich scheme and everyone that wishes to enter should be aware of this. If one has other ulterior motives then they should not enter.

All this is coming at a time when Namibia is getting to a time when Miss Namibia 2019 will be chosen. Voting lines have been opened and it will cost you only N$2 to cast your vote.

Selma Kamanya is only speaking her side of the story and this just keeps intensifying.