HIP HOP ARTIST JUB JUB Celebrates His 41th Birthday

HIP HOP ARTIST JUB JUB Celebrates His 41th Birthday

JUB JUB Celebrates His 41th Birthday
JUB JUB Celebrates His 41th Birthday

Hip hop creator Jub Jub, who’s captivated several ever since he was discharged from jail and now could be the host of the truth show, Uyajola celebrates his forty first birthday nowadays.

Although Jub Jub has created some exceptional moves to show his life around it looks his sordid past can ne’er get away him as he’s perpetually being reminded of the four innocent lives he took away. His relationship with Kelly Khumalo has conjointly return below scrutiny as they need a son along. keep in mind throughout associate interview with MTV Base in 2016 once Kelly suspect Jub Jub of physically abusing her.

When he got out of jail, folks were torn on why he was obtaining most praise when what he had done, however some came to his defense and aforementioned he had served his time for his wrongs. Let’s check out the days he’s been trending and having several mention him.

Kelly Khumalo is completed with Jub Jub

Jub Jub might have lost an outsized a part of his son’s childhood as he was serving his time in jail however it feels like he’s attempting to form up for it. However, it looks his efforts weren’t being reciprocated. On variety of occasions, Kelly has been suspect of refusing to let Jub Jub see his son, however the songster refuted the allegations.

During the most recent episode on Life With Kelly Khumalo, on her trip to Mocambique to go to her friend Wanda Baloyi, Kelly born a bombshell several didn’t see returning.

Her friend, Wanda asked however Christian and his father Jub Jub were obtaining on since he got out of jail. Kelly responded by spoken language she had tried to succeed in out, however all that was vainly and he or she was done attempting.

Jub Jub World Health Organization spent four years in jail aforementioned that the expertise was terribly distressing for him, however he had to survive for his family. He bareheaded his soul with Slikour for his Christmas special of his Slikour on Life radio special, had this to say:

“In jail it’s pretty simple there’s no gray line concerning it. If you’ve got cash, if you don’t have cash, family support otherwise you don’t. If you don’t have cash or any family support, you’re guaranteed to raise things in jail. you’re guaranteed to wish to own some variety of survival mechanism within. that’s commercialism no matter is merchantable.”

The Ndikhokhele hitmaker aforementioned he had to seek out some way to survive in jail and he saw that commercialism a number of the fundamental requirements within the huddled cell was the simplest thanks to survive. In a way, he conjointly created jobs for folks and conjointly managed to feed others.

Jub Jub known as associate evil man?

Clearly, regardless of what Jub Jub will his past is often about to be a district of him though he’s touched on from it. though Jub Jub is that the host of 1 of Mzansi’s preferred shows it looks there area unit some folks that won’t forgive him.

When one Twitter user highlighted however Jub Jub was obtaining additional airplay than artists World Health Organization had been grinding for years, it appeared her words threw additional fuel into the fireplace.

Samthing Soweto refuses Jub Jub’s provide

When Jub Jub discharged his extremely anticipated Ndikhokhele Remix, the song received tens of thousands of views on YouTube and also the rave reviews unbroken returning in. Fans were enthralled by the exciting vocals from the musicians featured moreover as Jub Jub World Health Organization showed he still had his rap skills on purpose.

After hearing the song a number of his fans felt that it might are on another level if Samthing Soweto had been enclosed within the song too. Jub Jub did reveal that what folks were spoken language was true and he needed to figure with Samthing Soweto.

It was the episode that everybody couldn’t anticipate any further and once it finally ventilated, Jub Jub and his team failed to queer. the lady World Health Organization had written to Uyajola ninety nine had been repining concerning her partner World Health Organization had a bent of cheating on her. Jub Jub and his crew found him cheating and as they were tackling him, he got on his horse and ran away. Then it all went south.

Just after you thought things couldn’t get any higher, a bloke by the name Mbulelo was caught cheating, and to form matters worse, he has seventeen girlfriends. mention being the person of the instant and every one for the incorrect reasons.

Mbulelo was caught at his ex-girlfriend’s place and his excuse for being there at odd hours was that he was there for imbeleko for his or her kid. however isn’t this done at the father’s place and not the baby mama?