Her marriage is over – Minnie Dlamini gets attacked while the video of her wearing a bikini with Unathi goes viral

Her marriage is over – Minnie Dlamini gets attacked while the video of her wearing a bikini with Unathi goes viral

Minnie Dlamini gets attacked
Minnie Dlamini gets attacked

Besties Minnie Dlamini-Jones and Unathi Nkayi outgunned Twitter trends last night with their sizzling hot bikini wears in Cape Town.

The media personalities socialized up the storm in Cape Town showing off their stunning numbers.
Media personalities Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini-Jones lately trended for their bikini wears videotape in Cape Town.

Tweeps reckon Unathi Nkayi’s body and her bikini was way better than Minnie Dlamini’s.

Former Kaya FM radio personality left her legion of followers green with covetousness across all social media channels.

Nkayi and Jones socialized up a storm in Cape Town on a sand and sizzled in their bikini wears.

But it was the Icons SA judge who stole the show, important to the surprise of utmost tweeps as they ’ve always allowed Minnie was hotter than her.

Tweeps indeed stated that Dlamini-Jones looks tired and aged than Nkayi in the videotape.

The besties took part in the#Nkaotempela challenge in a boat in Cape Town.
The Citizen lately caught up with Minnie Dlamini-Jones on the day of rephotographing Unathi Nkayi’s Gleeful progeny-togethers which airs on Mzansi Magic.

She told the publication that she speaks to Unathi nearly daily.
“ With Unathi, I speak to her nearly every day so the moment we get together and start speaking.”

“ I ’m sure we ’ll all enough much forget that the cameras are around, that’s how we are,” said Minnie of her time on set.
The media personality also gushed about their fellowship and how the discussion enough much noway ends whenever they ’re together.

The brace have been musketeers for times despite Nkayi being aged than Dlamini-Jones.

@YoungFeregamo “ Yoh I did n’t know Unathi packed like that Kaya FM has to give her job back no ways.”

@Zash00G “ Is it my eyes deceiving me or uNathi’s Body is Hotter than all of them … I detest to say it.”

@SkhuluZakwe23 “ Unathi’s body is chairman yhuuu.”

@gushgirl “ She does, a lot hey, and its showing … them ladies are looking.”

@LesNgobz “ After watching this videotape, I believe her over Sizwe. “

Source: News365

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