Heartbreaking: Vusi Nova opens up about the death of his HIV-positive mother

Musician Vusi Nova let the cat out of drug addiction, lost his mother to HIV and how wasted the money she had left him.

Vusi Nova1
Vusi Nova1

Speaking in associate degree interview with Jon Savage on What’s your poison, the star recounted on however he captive from Port Elizabeth to Jozi and the way that light-emitting diode to his habituation that took him years to induce disembarrass off.

It all started with a joint here and there, before moving to twenty joints each day and so I went on to Mandrax, crack, cocaine, Ecstasy and additional. I went all the manner. I got extremely addicted to crack and it went on for years.

Vusi went on to reveal that his mom’s death is was one the foremost painful things he has ever expertise in his life.

I was still doing medication once my mother passed on to the great beyond. i used to be twenty one and it absolutely was once things extremely got unhealthy. My mother left Pine Tree State heaps of money once she passed and, as my manner of sorrowful, I spent all of that cash.

My mother was HIV-positive and for the longest time, i used to be telling those that she has cancer as a result of i used to be frightened of however folks would label her. The shame created my drug use additional extreme.

The singer unconcealed he’s currently able to create his mother proud when obtaining over his addiction and recently named his new album in her honour.