Has Connie Ferguson ended Actress Kagiso Rakosa (Sharon) due to her relationship with Shauna?

Did Connie Ferguson end actress Kagiso Rakosa’s (Sharon’s) career over affair with Shona?

Shona Ferguson has seen himself trending for wrong reasons when a rumour going rounds on social media has it that he includes a baby with former Generations star role player Kagiso Rakosa UN agency vie Sharon, from 2005-2011.

After her stunning exit from Generations that Mzansi is convinced Connie Ferguson had a hand, she went MIA.

But wherever is Kagiso Rakosa now? several would possibly askEver since 2011, she was ne’er seen anyplace on TV except on social media, it’s been ten years no longer seeing her.

However word of the road has it that Sharon was shown the entrance from the Generations forged when she was drawn into a nasty affair with Shona Ferguson.

It is same the 2 even have a baby along.

This is not the primary time Shona and Kagiso affair sparked uproar on social media. earlier in 2010, the 2 created all forms of headlines once their alleged affair went infectious agent.

This time around fans has pop out guns blazing for Connie Ferguson whom they believe was aware of the downfall of Rakosa.

However, fans area unit theorizing that Connie Ferguson used her ability to boycott her for partaking in illicit relations along with her husband.

Here area unit a number of the tweets that flooded the comment section when one tweet user popped the question regarding Sharon’s whereabouts.

@louisemoks. does one mean this lady? a while past she was within the news for having AN alleged affair with man Ferguson. I don’t recall seeing her in something since then.

@mzansibarbie. perhaps she created karabo angry once she got pregnant and got alienated from tv

@Cand_Ziziba. She slept with the incorrect person bavela bamcima tututu kwiIndustry.

@uNtando_yenkosi. Umthakathi @Connie_Ferguson wavalela omunye umtwana

Though this is often extremely debated as Shona Ferguson unconcealed that doctor’s told him he can’t have youngsters.

Taking a young trip down memory lane on his daughter’s eighteenth birthday, the actor took to Instagram to recall the day once he was worthy with the blessing of finally changing into a father.

“My baby is eighteen nowadays … happy birthday my angel. True story, doctors told ME I may ne’er have youngsters of my very own. God had different plans as a result of he knew I required you…