great: Lasizwe fundraising for Wits students arrives K317 in 24 hours

Lasizwe fundraising for Wits students arrives K317 in 24 hours

Lasizwe fundraising for Wits
Lasizwe fundraising for Wits

Following the protest by Wits students last week, Lasizwe pledged to offer away R10 000 to a student UN agency required it for registration.

The gesture has grownup into a drive referred to as #R10GoesALongWay, that raised over R317 000 in twenty four hours.

Lasizwe partnered with media ex Sibu Mabena, Ayanda “King Aya” Mhlongo and dancer Takkies Dinwiddy to crowd-fund for college kids.

The campaign is being run on Instagram. The aim is to succeed in R1 million by Wed.

Lasizwe told Daily Sun the fund was unplanned.

“I wished to give R10 000 from my savings to assist students. I denote this on Twitter and Instagram and got suggestions from individuals,” aforesaid Lasizwe.

“I further Sibu to the Instagram live stream and that we had students returning through and telling USA what was happening at universities. we have a tendency to further another R10 000.

“King Aya conjointly jumped in ANd advised we have a tendency to open an account wherever individuals will give the additional R10 000.”

He aforesaid they considered line of work their celebrity friends to leap in on their Instagram live stream therefore their audiences might be responsive to the campaign.

“We’re solely inquiring for R10,” he said.

Celebs wife Langa, Jessica Nkosi, Olwethu Leshabane, DJ pH, Kat Ncala, and firms like KFC and Clyrofor pledged cash.

Lasizwe aforesaid they were still trying to find AN organisation that deals with crowd funding.

“We conjointly ought to be clear in our dealings.”