Gomora: Gladys has finally divorced Melusi

Gomora: Gladys has finally divorced Melusi

Gomora: Gladys has finally divorced Melusi
Gomora: Gladys has finally divorced Melusi

Viewers of Gomora have lambasted the Thati Melusi associated Gladys love triangle plot and square measure alleviated Triangulum is returning to an finish.

Viewers of the show have criticized the writers for continuance the love triangle plot.

Gladys finally filed for divorce when she realised that Melusi continues to be chasing Thati and he’s still dotty together with her.

Melusi thinks {about|worries|is bothered} about Thati’s well-being as he’s ne’er trustworthy him from the start.

He’s been meeting up together with her behind her husband’s back and lying to Gladys concerning his whereabouts.
Gomora: Gladys has finally divorced Melusi 3
Phumlani is that the most dangerous man in Gomora at the instant as he’s the one answerable for all the kidnappings of the highschool ladies within the neighbourhood and therefore the disappearance of Buhle.

Thati’s girl Buhle ran aloof from home when she detected Phumlani ordering a success on Stompie on the phone.

Phumlani has additionally begun abusing Thati and has lost his cool since he realised that Thati and Melusi still have feelings for every alternative.

Phumlani has shown psychotic signs since inward in Gomora and has additionally ordered hits on Melusi.

Gladys’ fans square measure excited that she’s finally filed for divorce when years of being cheated on and song to.

She filed for divorce on weekday, seven Gregorian calendar month and needs nothing to try to to with him.

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Here are some of the reactions from #Gomora Mzansi viewers:

@FulufheloNem: I’m tired of nonsense, back and forth again, The writer can go to hell y’all be safe though.

@lele_efkay: Gladys has to be the most borring wife in the world. I can’t stand such a person, Melusi can tolerate nonsense!

@_KMakatile: Yoh Gomora & recycling storylines, this needs to end, how long are they going to keep playing this spin the bottle with Gladys, Thati and Melusi? The acting is great, but the story is tired.

@malapela_tebogo: Thati and Mel’s back and forth haibo

@JabulaniMacdonald: Melusi and Thati are looking for trouble, I don’t think they know how dangerous Uncle P is

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