Gomora fans painfully admit that Zodwa ain’t good for Teddy

Gomora fans painfully admit that Zodwa ain’t good for Teddy

In the wake of watching Wednesday’s night scene of Gomora, aficionados of the arrangement have needed to reluctantly concede that it was never the liquor that made Zodwa an awful mother, and they were grief stricken to discover exactly how harmful she is.

Zodwa, whose character is played by veteran entertainer Sana Mchunu, has been gradually uncovering her genuine nature since she came back from recovery.

Acknowledging how hazardous she was, Zodwa was sent to recovery by Teddy’s head after her conduct began influencing Teddy’s school work.

Fans at first idea Gladys (the foremost’s better half) was fixated on Teddy and they thought she was simply being awful to Zodwa in light of the fact that she looked down on her.

In any case, since she’s returned from recovery she’s just uncovered that she’s a mean, unsteady and injurious individual and now Gomora fans can’t resist the urge to stress for Teddy’s future.

Since she’s been back, even fans needed to concede that her essence wasn’t useful for Teddy. Not exclusively is she sincerely manipulative, however she couldn’t care less for Teddy’s school work and fans can not, at this point accuse the liquor.

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Source: TWITTER / timeslive