Gogo Maweni’s respond to SK Khoza’s viral videos “I just went to a ‘indumba’”

Gogo Maweni’s respond to SK Khoza’s viral videos “I just went to a ‘indumba’”

Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni

Reality TV temperament and therapist Gogo Maweni has spoken out concerning being dragged following actor SK Khoza’s heavy videos.

This comes once social media users defendant her of reportage the previous The Queen actor to her ancestors, apparently resulting in his life taking a flip for the more severe.

The videos have since been trending on social media, wherever the actor are often seen behaving unpredictably and attempting to attack individuals.

Speaking on the Ukhozi FM breakfast show on Wed, the Izangoma Zodumo forged member admitted that she visited her indumba to speak to her ancestors.

She discovered she had 2 baby daddies United Nations agency weren’t doing something for his or her children.

Then co-host DJ Sgqemeza asked if she was shocked that she was trending for allegations that she had one thing to try and do with what SK was surfing.

And she replied: “To be honest, I wouldn’t as a result of there was a message that I announce in Gregorian calendar month.

The post said: ‘If my children don’t eat, nobody can eat.’ I created it some extent in Gregorian calendar month that this year, I’m doing things otherwise.”

She aforementioned she perpetually suggested individuals to raise their ancestors to contend with their burdens.
Gogo Maweni’s respond to SK Khoza’s viral videos "I just went to a ‘indumba’" 5
“If you are feeling that one thing is on the far side your management, sit down with your ancestors and God. raise them to contend with it. I can not be concentrating on someone once I’m imagined to be concentrating on myself. So, I went endumbeni. As I’m doing tons of things for my ancestors, I can’t be tortured or taken advantage of whereas they exist. And that’s what I did,” aforementioned Gogo Maweni.

She supplemental that she would ne’er decision her baby papa and raise if he would pay kid maintenance, demand that she had created peace with it.

Sgqemeza additional asked if the second baby papa was conjointly surfing the foremost, to that she replied: “Yes, we will say that, shame. He’s surfing tons.”
Gogo Maweni’s respond to SK Khoza’s viral videos "I just went to a ‘indumba’" 6

Gogo Maweni aforementioned in an exceedingly statement: “Various accusations are delivered to the eye of Dr Maweni encompassing a regarding video involving adult male. SK Khoza. These false accusations counsel Dr. Maweni practiced ill-will against adult male. Khoza. As a Doctor centered only on healing all individuals and empowering ladies, Dr. Maweni would really like to distance herself from all and any malicious accusations.

“The matter regarding adult male. Khoza is entirely his business and doesn’t involve Dr. Maweni.

Furthermore, Dr Maweni would really like to would like the simplest for adult male. Khoza so as to merrily co-parent to their stunning kid. Previous social media posts were aforementioned in jest and had no malice to them.” aforementioned the statement.

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