Ginimbi accident: Moana and the other 2 were just crying inside the burning car, Eyewitness reveals shocking details

Ginimbi accident: Moana and the other 2 were just crying inside the burning car, Eyewitness reveals shocking details

Popular fuel trader and socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure were killed during a fiery high-speed car crash early Sunday.

He was 36.

Kadungure was returning home from Ruwa, just outside Harare, after celebrating a friend’s birthday at around 5 AM when witnesses say his Rolls Royce had a head-on collision with a blue Honda Fit on Borrowdale Road.

The Rolls Royce careered off the road and smashed into a tree before catching fire. Kandungure was thrown off the vehicle and died at the scene alongside three friends named – Karim, Elisha and Moana, who was celebrating her birthday.

The driver and a passenger within the Honda Fit, which suffered damages on the front right side, escaped with minor injuries.

Witness Danny Kuwanga, who was one of the primary people at the scene, said Kadungure was speeding.

“It happened ahead of my eyes. He was speeding. He first overtook me and as he tried to overtake a second vehicle, that’s when he crashed into the Honda Fit driving the other way,” Kuwanga said.

Kuwanga said he was joined by three other men and that they pulled Kadungure faraway from the vehicle which was now a fireball.

“The three girls didn’t make it out. They were just crying inside the burning car. We couldn’t do anything,” he added.

In his final post on Instagram, where he had over 600,000 followers, Kadungure posted a video, declaring: “Guys it’s time to travel out, it’s gonna be taking place. We’re getting to Dreams (nightclub) within the next jiffy, it’s gonna be taking place. It’s Moana’s birthday, we’re getting to pop the champagne, it’s gonna be champagne showers tonight, see you there.”

As he gets into the vehicle, Kadungure tells his followers he’s “driving Rolls Royce Wraith.” The video cuts out as ‘Hello’ by Kabza de Small and DJ Mapholisa blasts from the US$500,000 motor.

The social media star and owner of Dreams nightclub, known for showing off his top-of-the-range sports cars and palatial range in Domboshava, was a cousin of vice-chairman Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Mary Mubaiwa.

Over the last two years, Zimbabwean authorities have investigated Kadungure for evasion and smuggling of liquefied petroleum gas worth many dollars.

During the inquiry, police also seized a Bentley then later a Ferrari after the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority said he underpaid duty. The Bentley remains with the police.