Gigi Lamayne leaves ‘Temptation Island SA’ for personal reasons

Gigi Lamayne leaves ‘Temptation Island SA’ for personal reasons

Gigi Lamayne leaves 'Temptation Island SA'
Gigi Lamayne leaves ‘Temptation Island SA’

Gigi Lamayne leaves ‘Temptation Island SA’
Local rapper Gigi Lamayne joined reality program “Temptation Island SA” within the hopes of finding love, however that wasn’t to be the case.

In episode 9 of the dating-themed reality show saw feisty Gigi short leave the villa because of personal reasons.

In a statement sent to IOL recreation, Gigi same that if she didn’t ought to leave the villa, she would have created it to the top.

“I do believe that I would’ve created it right to the top of the show, simply supported the very fact that Sifiso and that i did have a powerful association.

“But again, that’s on him to mention. Had it not been attributable to my reasons, i feel I could’ve stuck around for a minute,” she said.

Although she didn’t notice love, Gigi same she wouldn’t amendment something she did whereas on the show.

“I wouldn’t amendment something. This was a tremendous expertise on behalf of me and that i assume we tend to [single women/guys] ought to be terribly proud for being those World Health Organization were selected to check true love.

“True love doesn’t happen typically, and that i assume we should always applaud ourselves for the role we tend to compete.

“It may sound crazy, however I do believe that we tend to were a part of a bigger purpose, to work out whether or not individuals were able to stay together in spite of the temptation that stood before them,” she said.

“But wait, perhaps there’s one thing i might prefer to do otherwise. i might prefer to come to ’Temptation Island’ with my partner.

“If you and your partner will create it through this kind of temptation, then i feel the link will overcome the other sort of adversity,” she added .

Last week Gigi found herself at the highest of the trends list when a radio interview within which she same she was quitting hip hop created its rounds on social media.

Following the interview, Gigi denote a video on her Instagram instructive what she meant.

“A ton of individuals are vocation Maine to do and verify what’s happening (about Maine effort Storm Troops hip hop), and that i simply wish to clarify one thing that I did say within the interview,” she started off by voice communication.

“I am effort South African hip hop and its typical ways that of doing things. i’ll be experimenting with different genres.”

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