Sho Madjozi’s tweet about pretty privileges got people talking.

On a series of tweets, she expressed how the prettiest woman in the room would get opportunities. She also said men are allowed to be themselves and not put any effort on their looks and they would still be respected and their talent won’t be questioned.

Amongst people who were taken away by the tweet is rapper Gigi Lamayne who has had her fair share of being mocked on social media.

Gigi Lamayne posted today that what Sho Madjozi posted was accurate and it hurts. She told Daily Sun that it is the reality for young women in South Africa that you have to be light skinned, have a big ass and be half naked in order to be seen as one of the hard workers more especially in the entertainment industry.

“Most of the time you have to succumb to what most of the people who are decision makers in the industry have to say about you. I was one of the people who was told that I need to be half naked in order for people to listen to my music. And for a long time that has taken a toll on my self-esteem. When you are dark you are made to believe that you are ugly and the social media tells you every day that you not ugly because you are a shade darker.”

She said she had to rebrand herself and now she is able to make decisions about her career and people who are following her now can see that she is more comfortable in her own skin and body.

“I have to change the narrative because there is a dark skin girl in the township who will believe that she is ugly. I want to change the dialogue and embrace women of all shades and everyone else should,” she said.