Generations: The Legacy actors open up about finding their purpose

Generations: The Legacy actors open up about finding their purpose

Both actors can relate to the youth in SA as they are familiar with desperation and unemployment.

They are on one of the country’s most watched soapies, but just like it is for many young South Africans, the journey to realising their dreams has not been easy.

We had a quick chat with Generations: The Legacy actors Paballo Mavundla, 20, who plays Jerah Moroka, and Busisiwe Xaba, 27, who portrays Palesa.

Busisiwe Xaba

You recently joined Generations: The Legacy as Palesa, what do you love most about your new character?
Palesa reminds me of the daunting reality of increased unemployment, that has gone up to 55.2%. I’m familiar with desperation to a degree and feeling like you have no idea what your purpose is.

I love that Palesa is ambitious and hardworking. But deep down, I think she’s empty and vulnerable.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a youth?
Defining success was one of the biggest challenges I faced being a young person. The world is constantly showing us what success looks like and even if I tried to redefine this to suit my journey, I ended up discouraged and depressed.

It was when I decided to rediscover who I am I realised that success is coming to embrace your God-given purpose, aligning to His vision for your life and pleasing Him while fulfilling it.

So I realised that success is not so much about accumulation, recognition or fame. But rather about pouring out what is in you to be the best of what the Holy Spirit can cause you to be.

What advice do you have for young people who hope to get into the industry?
Talent won’t take you very far if you don’t have a vision. Vision enforces discipline. Television will make you familiar, which will give you a voice. This is a really powerful space and it can all be quite sudden.

The burning question is: what is it that you stand for? What do you want to change?
Once people admire your work and recognise your face, you’re on your way to changing the world. If you have concrete answers to the above questions, then a career in television that will outlive your talent is possible!

Paballo Mavundla

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