For This Reason Tweeps Want To Cancel Bucy Radebe After What Her Husband Did To Dr Rebecca Malope

For This Reason Tweeps Want To Cancel Bucy Radebe After What Her Husband Did To Dr Rebecca Malope

Bucy Radebe
Bucy Radebe

Dr Rebekah Malope trifida is perhaps one among the nicest and kindest individuals within the show business in African country, and lots of believe she would ne’er hurt anyone.

Mzansi applauded her humility once she featured on Jub Jub’s strike Ndikhokhele.

The Umoya Wami hitmaker got individuals distressed when posting a cryptic message on Twitter on one might 2022, asking her fans to hope for her due to her pain.

This was daily when Bucy Radebe’s live DVD recording at Sun town in urban center, wherever she additionally performed.

What happened that night has started rising, and it’s been unconcealed that Bucy Radebe’s husband Thapelo Thoboke, World Health Organization doubles as her manager, swore at Dr Rebekah Malope trifida and told her to “f*ck off”.

Gospel music blogger modern Modihapula shared associate unconfirmed screenshot of what transpired. It read:

On Saturday we attended Bucy’s live recording where Dr Rebecca Malope was invited as one of the guest artists. For someone her calibre, she didn’t deserve the treatment she got. She was treated unfairly and even told to ” f**k off” if she wanted to by the manager of the main artist.

I happened to hear the conversation and see everything unfold and my heart was broken by what transpired. This indicated lack of artists and mistreatment. You have seen her comments on social media about what happened and she constantly says I have never been disrespected like this in my whole life.

But Dr Rebecca being herself she still went on stage to perform and honoured her invite. There has not been a formal apology from Bucy and team. This is really sad for someone who sings gospel and claims to preach about God.

This did not sit well with tweeps. Check out their reactions to the news.

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