Fikile Mlomo lucky to be alive, opens up about her abusive ex-lovers

Fikile Mlomo lucky to be alive, opens up about her abusive ex-lovers

The legislature must make snappy move against sexual orientation based brutality.

This is the call from gospel star Fikile Mlomo, who said she was fortunate to be alive after the maltreatment she encountered in her past connections.

“Seeing ladies being abused and slaughtered in Mzansi sparkles dread in me. I ask myself how I endure. I’m frightened,” said Fikile.

The Phenduala vocalist recently uncovered that her previous beau mishandled her, prompting the loss of her four-month-old child.

“I got into a relationship with a more seasoned person when I was 15,” she said.

“He beat me up for reasons unknown when he was tanked.

“I believed I was unable to act against him since I adored him and he gave.

“One day he beat me up and I wound up in clinic. I left the relationship when I was unable to take the beatings any longer.”

A year ago she uncovered that her previous life partner was mishandling her inwardly.

She said she needed the legislature to act for manhandled ladies.

“We live in dread. We should not accuse a lady on the off chance that she doesn’t report the maltreatment,” said Fikile.

“She might be terrified that if the law bombs her, the victimizer will execute her.

“I’m happy that I generally found the boldness to leave at long last.”

Fikile said she’s frightened of connections due to her past encounters.


Source : news365