Fans can’t get over Sis Patty & Mjakes’ ‘making babies’ scene

Petronella and Mjekejeke:Fans can’t get over Sis Patty & Mjakes’ ‘making babies’ scene

TV lovers know that there’s hardly anything more awkward than watching a sex scene with older people in the room. However, for many, it wasn’t until Monday night that they learnt how awkward it was to actually watch an older couple get steamy on TV, all thanks to Sis Patty and Mjakes on The Queen.

Sis Patty and her hubby Mjakes are one of TV’s fave couples. Sis Patty in particular has never made it a secret that she loves doing the deed and often talks about it on the show. However, viewers were not sure how to react or what to make of Monday night’s saucy scene.

Granted, no actual nudity was shown and the pair were under the covers but that was enough for viewers to get the picture.

Look, everybody knows even older couples get their freak on but it’s not a picture people like to have in their minds…


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#TheQueenMzansi – Tonight on THE QUEEN | Schumacher is locked out of his place by Buntu & he goes to Mjakes for help. But his timing is completely off! ?#SmashSessionDisturbed

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The couple’s fans were happy that even during lockdown, they were keeping the flame alight.

They also had just the right memes.

That scene of Petronella and Mjekejeke was supposed to be PG38 #TheQueenMzansi

— neo_ww (@Neo63580523) May 4, 2020