Faith Nektsi reveals that she suffered a miscarriage

Faith Nektsi reveals that she suffered a miscarriage

Season two of religion Nketsi’s reality show has started off on an honest start. the truth show premiered on All Souls’ Day interview style. This gave viewers a way of what to expect on the show and also an opportunity to introduce the new cast members. Viewers got introduced to Pro-twerkers who also are Faith’s friends and cousin.

The first episode of Have Faith excited viewers because it gave them a look of what’s to return and lots of picked up that the star Faith, was more transparent and had more personality. The star admitted that within the first season she let the opposite cast members take center stage as she had anxiety and was frightened of being scrutinized by people. Now, Faith promised fans to not hold anything back and provides them some raw entertainment…and so she did.

In the last season, she revealed the person in her life Thami Yabo who may be a businessman. The rapper dropped a bombshell on last night’s episode when she revealed that she cheated on Thami with a man of means. She then fell pregnant during her infidelity and therefore the man abandoned her and the unborn baby.

Faith had mentioned on her Instagram sleep in March this year that she met someone new who was very wealthy. She mentioned that he had 12 cars and was drenched money. He would buy her expensive gift including a Rolex and showered her with gifts of up to 200K.

Things ended when she acknowledged that he was also cheating on her with three other girls. He was mostly a person who dated multiple women within the industry at an equivalent time. Faith later acknowledged that she was pregnant together with his child. Her world came crashing down when the rich man distanced himself even beyond her after informing him of the pregnancy. the strain Queen Twerk went through and everyone other factors considered, caused her to suffer a miscarriage.