Emtee’s wife Nicole Kendall Chinsamy shares a video of the rapper allegedly high using drugs

Emtee’s wife Nicole Kendall Chinsamy shares a video of the rapper allegedly high using drugs

Rapper Emtee and his now ex-fiancé are currently feuding everywhere social media, with Nicole threatening to release all the files she has against Emtee. In her latest act of revenge, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy has leaked a video of Emtee visibly high on a particular drug as he stumbles across their front room area.

The latest video Nicole leaked seems to be working in her favour as she is gradually gaining alittle number of individuals who are taking her side. The video lead tons of individuals to believe that Emtee was drunk as he are often seen drinking a 2 litre Fanta pineapple then ‘accidentally’ spilt it on the ground .

His fans came to his defence saying their favourite rapper doesn’t drink alcohol. He only smokes weed and drinks lean, which may be a mixture of codeine cough syrup, soda, and sometimes a tough candy.

The leaked video raised a couple of red flags for several who are still on Emtee’s side, remarking that Nicole muted the audio. Many are cause believe that it had been to sabotage him, but his calm nature and non-aggressiveness works against Nicole. People are now seeing her as a bitter ex-fiancé.

The father of two defended himself saying he’s glad she leaked that video because it exposes nothing.

“I wasn’t drunk! I don’t drink liquor in the least That was a 2 litre Fanta Pine. Relax! Might’ve been high, not drunk. I’m glad she posted it cos as you’ll see within the video I’m very calm and at the top , I walked away. I didn’t respond or talk back bruh. i attempted my best to be mature,” responded Emtee.

The video was taken last year and before leaking the videos, she sent out a warning to Emtee asking him to delete the tweets where he claimed Nicole and his family abuse him.

The once smitten rapper even dedicated a love song to the mother of his kids for his upcoming album, Logan, but now he’s disheartened that he has got to take it out from the album.