Edwin Sodi “Its a LIE”, He denies he is marrying Karen Zulu

Edwin Sodi “Its a LIE”, He denies he is marrying Karen Zulu

Edwin Sodi
Edwin Sodi

South African man of affairs king Sodi, who’s presently geological dating Karenic Zulu and still de jure married to Nthateng Lerata reveals that the marriage invite that went infective agent on social media is faux.

Twitter was droning in the week once recreation blogger monocot genus Khawula shared a standard wedding invite for Nthateng Lerata’s husband king Sodi and his girlfriend Karenic Zulu.

A local publication reports that Sodi quickly rubbished the marriage rumours on his WhatsApp to his family and friends presently once the invite went public.

“Someone with a mental issue set to form a marriage invite and post it on social media. this can be on the far side sick!” he wrote.

The man of affairs conjointly told the publication that he’s not obtaining married and he’s attempting to urge to rock bottom of the story.

“I’m not obtaining married. i will be able to sooner or later, however this wedding may be a faux story. I’m attempting to urge to rock bottom of WHO announce that phoney invite. Some individuals have their own intentions, however it’s simply crazy that somebody would visit this extent. It’s a nonexistent story.”

Sodi adds that he’s disturbed by the actual fact that the troubler conjointly shared his address as this may become dangerous.

“Karen and that i square measure fine. We’re okay. It’s unfortunate that this person shared info concerning wherever I live. I don’t mind humour and [harmless] sensible jokes, however once it goes as way as sharing someone’s residential address, it becomes dangerous.

“I have to be compelled to raise myself what the important intention of that was as a result of currently I’m exposed. everybody is aware of wherever I live and that i suppose it’s vital to understand WHO was behind it,” he said.

A close family friend told the outlet that Sodi won’t be unable to arrange a marriage, as he’s still de jure married to his unloved spouse Nthateng Lerata.

“How are you able to unite whereas you’re still married to somebody else? They’d want permission from his initial spouse if they needed to travel the polygamous route – and Nthateng would ne’er offer them that,” aforementioned the friend

Lerata and Sodi conjointly created headlines in March once Sodi allegedly maltreated her and capitalist Faizak Motlekar, WHO were each at Motlekar’s home once Sodi arrived there.

It is believed Sodi allegedly pointed the small-arm at Motlekar and force the trigger, however the weapon crowded and he fled.

“Nthateng would ne’er, ever offer Sodi permission to marry anyone else. She’d continually place herself during a position to spite king. therefore there’s completely no approach any wedding [to Zulu] may proceed unless king needed to force it.”

It is reportable Sodi and Zulu are geological dating for 2 years and he reportedly sent a delegation to Zulu’s family in KwaZulu-Natal to pay lobola for her.

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