Drama: Actress Rami Chuene was stopped by a traffic officer to ask her to unblock his Twitter

Drama: Actress Rami Chuene was stopped by a traffic officer to ask her to unblock his Twitter

Rami Chuene has shared a rather bizarre experience she had with a Metro policeman who stopped her on the road as she was driving home. The policeman requested that the Isono actress unblocks her on Twitter.

The former The Queen actress shared this experience on her social media in the week and explained that she couldn’t comply with his request because she may need blocked him for a reason. many of us , especially prominent people protect their peace by removing negative energy the maximum amount as they possibly can.

Explaining her reasoning for blocking people on social media and why she may need blocked this person especially , she mentioned numerous scenarios like being racist, homophobic, sexist, support Gender-Based Violence or being downright disrespectful especially to women and a cyberbully.

“Got stopped by metro police on my way home a touch while ago. one among them said he didn’t want anything from me apart from me to unblock him on Twitter. I hardly block people. My reasons aren’t that a lot of . You get blocked if you’re racist, homophobic, sexist, support GBV, downright disrespectful especially to women and a cyber bully. i think we will all have opinions without being mean to every other. So i’m wondering what he did,” she said.

“I laughed. He gave me his handle and he’s indeed blocked. browsing his TL to ascertain what may need happened then far he’s quite vulgar, even a number of his friends,” she added.

Rami Chuene is understood for being outspoken and never keeps her opinion to herself. a couple of days ago she was impressed by the Hawks’ recent arrests and advised them to seem into the greedy show business bosses.

“As soon as Hawks are through with politics they need to come to the mighty, unstoppable and greedy entertainment ‘gods’. The corruption, greed and exploitation has built many mansions and purchased many cars leaving many artists broke since the times of Bophelo ke Semphekgo,” she tweeted.

This raised a couple of eyebrows seeing how she isn’t The Fergusons biggest cheerleader and doesn’t appear to be she would be any time soon, even eight months after her axing.

According to Sunday World, all details concerning Rami’s character being chopped emerged once they got their scripts- that’s when Rami acknowledged that her character would be achieved .

Reports by The Sunday World’s source revealed that Rami’s relationship with The Fergusons hit the lowest after she weighed in on the Vatiswa Ndara’s exploitation saga.

The Veteran actress penned an letter to the game , Arts and Culture Minister, Nathi Mthethwa, about what she alleged was the exploitation of actors within the industry; including poor remuneration and therefore the working conditions. Rami supported Vatiswa by pinning a thread on Twitter detailing challenges thespians endure within the industry under the hashtag #SHOWMUSTGOON – a thread she had written months prior.