Dr. Malinga spreads rumors of death.

Dr. Malinga spreads rumors of death.

Dr. Malinga
Dr. Malinga

Entertainer Dr Malinga says he’s alive and fine.

This is once individuals on Facebook thought he was dead.

On Saturday, 20 June, individuals were posting messages of condolences for Dr Malinga’s family on Facebook and spoken language he ought to rest in peace.

This caused loads of confusion on social media as some individuals were asking if he had extremely died.

It later enraptured from Facebook to Twitter, with individuals asking if what was being same on Facebook was true.

“People must’ve mistaken Maine for somebody else. I am fine. i would like everybody to understand that i’m alive and well,” same the singer.

Dr Malinga same he awakened to loads of messages and uncomprehensible calls on Sunday morning, 20 June, and he didn’t perceive why.

“People started line of work Maine on Saturday night, whereas i used to be busy recording in studio and that i thought to myself I’d check the calls later. however I forgot. after I awakened, there have been loads of calls and messages on my phone,” he said.

“Unfortunately, my phone was on silent and that i couldn’t hear the calls. after I referred to as, some were crying, spoken language they saw on Facebook that I had died and that they thought it absolutely was true,” same Dr Malinga.

Dr Malinga same some were already spoken language he died in a very automotive accident.

“Some of the those that referred to as Maine same they detected I died in a very automotive accident. that point they hadn’t even seen photos from that automotive accident. Honestly, I don’t perceive individuals,” same Dr Malinga.

One Facebook user, Boipelo Letsoalo corrected the news and same individuals were confusing Dr Malinga with Thulani Wiseman Malinga.

“The one who is dead now could be Dr Wiseman Malinga not Dr Malinga!” wrote Boipelo

Wiseman WHO was the director of the Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards died on Fri, 18 June, from Covid-19 complications.