Does Kotini want to kill Big Zulu Uzalo?

Does Kotini want to kill Sobhuza (Big Zulu) Uzalo?

Does Kotini want to kill Big Zulu Uzalo
Does Kotini want to kill Big Zulu Uzalo

The members, in their hierarchy, are: – Mageba, played by Mike Mvelase; Nkunzi played by Masoja Msiza; Sobhuza, played by Siyabonga Nene who is popularly referred to as Big Zulu; Mandleni, played by Thokozane Sithole; and Kotini, played by Herald Khumalo

Uzalo may be a documented South African soapie that is crammed with every genre a soapie can give. only recently uzalo has added a documented rapper who we all know and a few folks love, his name is Big Zulu. he’s portraying one of Mageba’s henchman and also nephew his pseudonym is Sobhuza. Sobhuza is seen together of Nkunzi’s best friends, sometimes it’s like they’re best friends.

Sobhuza was recently warned about communicating with Nkunzi, because Nkunzi left the Brotherhood. Nobody leaves the Brotherhood unsaved and Nkunzi must buy leaving it, so Mageba starts sending a hitman to travel after Nkunzi. But all of them can’t do any real damage as you’ve got seen, due to Sobhuza has been taping of Nkunzi. Kotini/Cotton is another henchman of Nkunzi who isn’t keen on Sobhuza’s the Mageba’s nephew, so he snitched that Nkunzi was meeting secretly with Sobhuza.

After being informed that Sobhuza was meeting Nkunzi, Mageba punished Sobhuza instantly by beating him in a way one couldn’t forget. Mageba was informed by Kotini because he doesn’t like Sobhuza, cause Magena is too crazy Sobhuza because they’re blood relatives