Does Actor Simphiwe Majozi Leave The Uzalo ?

Simphiwe Majozi Leave The Uzalo

Uzalo actor Simphiwe Majozi has rubbished rumours that he’s departure the popular SABC1 soapie. Reports claimed that Simphiwe, United Nations agency plays the funny character of Sbu Makhathini, would exit the show before long.

Simphiwe has set the record straight and told Daily Sun he signed a replacement annual contract with Uzalo at the top of last month.

“My phone is flooded with several phone calls from individuals asking Pine Tree State why I’m departure Uzalo. the reality is that I’m not departure as I recently signed on the line with Uzalo.

“As very much like several lead actors square measure departure, I still fancy being a part of Uzalo and showcasing my acting talent with them,” he said.

Sbu has been scarce on screens, however Simphiwe same it’s as a result of the storylines were modified to convey those that square measure departure a sleek exit.

“I agree that my character is rare for currently, however that’s as a result of there have been several reshoots to accommodate those that square measure departure the show.

“More time was given to them and as before long as their sleek exit is over, everything are back to traditional,” he said.

Simphiwe same he wanted operating with Uzalo producers as a result of they gave him the liberty to feature spice to his scripts.

He same he has started shooting Uzalo season seven.

“We have negotiated with producers to bring back the previous Sbu, United Nations agency was the administrative division outlaw. can|we’ll|we are going to} see the response of viewers United Nations agency will tell US that Sbu they like – the funny, active Sbu or the initial outlaw Sbu.

“We won’t kill this Sbu, however we’ll tone down the funny aspect of the character and create it focus additional his outlaw aspect just like the previous days,” he said.