DJ Zinhle Open up about her pregnancy & her relationship with Murdah Bongz

DJ Zinhle Open up about her pregnancy & her relationship with Murdah Bongz

DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle skint the net recently once she finally discovered she was pregnant when months of speculation.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the DJ aforementioned that she felt the maternity had strong her relationship along with her fellow, Bongani ‘Murdah Bongz’ Mohosana of Black Motion.

“Bongani and that i took a bioassay and it had been positive. i believe attributable to my 1st maternity I wasn’t as frightened as I could’ve been. it is a massive amendment … i am super excited however conjointly super nervous. he is terribly nervous concerning it however conjointly super subsidiary and that i suppose it created our relationship a lot of solid,” she said.

Zinhle aforementioned that Bongani has been experiencing a lot of maternity symptoms than she has.

“The one issue to notice concerning Bongani within the maternity is that he is knowledgeable all the phases that anyone might undergo in maternity. He had sickness, he is been sleeping heaps, his back has been killing him. I intimate those things a touch bit however he was the one throwing up and every one of that,” she chuckles.

The Indlovu hitmaker aforementioned that she wasn’t trying to handle the trolls on social media that are dragging her for having a baby while not obtaining married 1st.

“It’s thus boring. we have a tendency to square measure in a very nation of girls United Nations agency square measure raising youngsters alone. It’s with great care boring on behalf of me that is why I did not even address it as a result of I felt that this guy (Bongani) is aware of what is up.”

Zinhle says that she isn’t trying to possess to any extent further youngsters when she offers birth to her second baby.

“This is that the last one. that is of course. It simply takes see you later to create a baby. If it took a shorter amount perhaps i might have another one however i believe i am done. this can be it on behalf of me.”

She had been attending gigs till she was six months pregnant, attempting to stay her maternity a secret.

“It was weird as a result of I told my family super late … it had been we have a tendency toird simply because we were attempting to stay it a secret for an extended time and that we did not do this only for the show, we have a tendency to simply did that as a result of i believed i could not handle speech folks concerning this maternity and telling my family was very weird as a result of i believe i am the baby of the family. it had been totally different from the primary time,” she said.

A strong subsidiary system has unbroken her going and ensuring that things flow simple for her at work.

“I’ve got a team of individuals that actually care concerning Maine. pitched battle has been taking care of Maine … to be quite honest. Moozlie and that i have a very nice friendly relationship however now around she simply had to urge in on everything. Pearl was away for many of the maternity however she’s been back and doing heaps conjointly. She’s been shopping for nappies.”

Zinhle says she’s been slowly making ready her 6-year-old girl Kairo to assume the large sister role.

“Kairo is aware currently, we have a tendency to had to inform her little by little and prepare her mentally by asking her whether or not she would share her play space and United Nations agency she would share it with … Kairo could be a child … we actually had to inform her last.”

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