DJ Sbu Helps Struggling Black-Owned Businesses Due To COVID-19

DJ Sbu Helps Struggling Black-Owned Businesses Due To COVID-19

DJ Sbu has worked his thanks to being a successful businessman and he has tasked himself to assist children tackle unemployment.

The entertainer has made headlines countless times where he has extended a hand for several black entrepreneurs who are start-ups or struggling.

Now, thanks to the pandemic that sees tons of jobs being lost he has partnered with businessman Khandani Msibi to offer R400 000 to twenty struggling black businesses thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic to assist them stay afloat.

For the past few days, the media had announced that more companies are considering job cuts of thousands of individuals so DJ Sbu has come up with how to assist black entrepreneurs to not lose their businesses.

The radio presenter and entrepreneur has started the 3Sixty Business Saver competition with 3Sixty Global Solutions CEO Khandani to offer the 20 businesses R20 000 each if they will prove how the pandemic has negatively affected thier business.

Hopefuls will need to submit a brief video where they talk more about their business and explain how they’re struggling and what they might do with the R20 000 boost.

A few conditions are however in situ including, the business has got to are operating for quite 6 months, must be 100% black-owned and follow the corporate on all their social media platforms.