DJ Sbu has come under fire, He lands himself in hot soup

DJ Sbu has come under fire, He lands himself in hot soup

DJ Sbu has come under fire
DJ Sbu has come under fire

Musician DJ Sbu has come back vulnerable when suggesting cryptocurrency ought to be introduced ekasi.

Taking to Twitter, the star, WHO typically chats regarding cryptocurrency or a digital currency, shared his plans to financially educate Mzansi regarding the currency to require his folks to the “next level”.

The star same succeeding step in wealth creation is to introduce cryptocurrency within the townships. He explained that he needs to financially educate and reeducate folks once it involves digital currency and finance on-line.

“We ar taking cryptocurrency to the hood. folks got to savvy to hustle cryptocurrencies. Time to unlearn and larn regarding cash. I’m all regarding education,” he wrote.

This crystal rectifier to a lot of discussion, with several telling the star the typical person in Storm Troops couldn’t afford cryptocurrency.

Others criticised the digital currency for its supposed instability and lack of profit and dragged Sbu for “making folks assume it’s a simple market to enter”.

Many urged the DJ to show regarding cash, specifically a way to reserve it and invest it once you don’t have a lot of of it before educating regarding crypto.

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