DJ Maphorisa forgets he’s Thuli Phongolo’s boyfriend?

DJ Maphorisa forgets he’s Thuli Phongolo’s boyfriend?

DJ Maphorisa forgets he’s Thuli Phongolo’s boyfriend?
DJ Maphorisa forgets he’s Thuli Phongolo’s boyfriend?

Mzansi actor and DJ, Thuli Phongolo had fans questioning if she finally confirmed the qualitative analysis rumours involving her and DJ Maphorisa. If this post is something to travel by and if Thuli isn’t making an attempt to drag her fan’s legs, she may need finally confirmed what everybody has been speculating.

Madumane was simply bragging regarding his wins that involve him having over a hundred twenty five.3 million listens on Shazam. He even aforementioned the amount of things he achieved over the years in his prolonged career.

Thuli commented by asking why did he jump over the very fact that he’s conjointly a lover.

Fans announce a video wherever Phori says he’s unsure if he’s single or not thus he cannot make sure nor deny if he’s in a very relationship.

Fans don’t skills to feel regarding this expression Thuli ought to no embarrass herself by claiming a bloke World Health Organization perpetually says he’s single on Instagram live.

For the longest time, Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa are rumoured to be qualitative analysis. however they perpetually poured cold water to those claims however bound photos and videos told a special story.

They perpetually gig along and typically Phori plays at her sets. There was drama between them once JazziQ announce an image along with her at a dinner that Phori wasn’t functioning at.
He announce a video of himself crying and folks assumed that he was hurt by Thuli and JazziQ qualitative analysis rumours.

JazziQ denied qualitative analysis Thuli, “This past week I announce an image with Thuli P and {like it|love it|am fond of it|am passionate regarding it|adore it|find it irresistible} was going crazy you know? currently there’s a story about Maine having beef with Phori (DJ Maphorisa) like nobody has time for beef bro. it had been simply an image and Maine and Thuli ar simply mates,” he told the Journalist DJ.

Other people didn’t purchase this and then they slammed Maphorisa for being weak. Slik speak even aforementioned, “I found DJ Maphorisa crying sort of a simp. i used to be like what ar you doing? you’re DJ Mphorisa. He was expression ‘Oh he took her’. Grow up, man. DJ Maphoisa may be a wealthy simp.”

“He is ugly and wealthy, you’ll be able to see that he has been ugly for his whole life and solely got ladies once highschool. Then you have got Mr JazziQ World Health Organization has been a player for his whole life thus he took her and dominated. He took his lady and place it on his feed. Then what did Maphorisa do? He was like I’m aiming to unfollow him on Instagram. What variety of clown will that? he’s a simp,” Slik speak aforementioned.

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