DJ Hlo talks about winning Controversial Song of the Year

DJ Hlo talks about winning Controversial Song of the Year

DJ Hlo
DJ Hlo

WINNING 2021’s Ukhozi FM Song of the Year has brought DJ Hlo a great deal of joy – but also some headaches.

But she isn’t going to wallow in the negativity.

“ My life has suddenly changed. I ’m getting bookings from each over the country. I ’ve also entered offers from big artists who want to unite with me.”

The talented DJ said she’ll not be bullied by the counterreaction.
Her song Isibani featuring DJ Manzo SA and Siboniso won with votes. In an exclusive interview with a original publication, DJ Hlo (24) who was born in Durban said she has been subordinated to a investment of fire.

“ Some of the review is coming from associates in the assiduity,” she said.
“ I know them and I indeed interacted with some of them but when I won they decided to reject me. I guess this is the price I’ve to pay.”

She said she was formerly leading after the first batch of results was blazoned and when the alternate batch was blazoned people started affronting her.
“ In the last week of the competition there were strong suggestions that I would win. I ’d opened a huge gap between myself and my rivals.”

But she did n’t stop campaigning.
“ Rather I boosted my sweats because I wanted to secure the palm. I anticipated it and I was ready for it.

“ In my opinion the process was fair and transparent. The process was simply to get further votes and I did exactly that. I ’m not repentant about my work,” said DJ Hlo.
She said she that last time she was formerly sitting in the top five of the same competition and her music has been extensively played on both Television and radio. DJ Hlo said she did n’t understand why people acted like they did n’t know her while she has been around the entertainment assiduity since 2017, and has worked with several well established artists. In 2020 her song Gleeful was named in the Top 10 and it reached position four.

The popular DJ, who also has a Bachelorette of Social Science degree from the University of KZN’s Howard College with majors in artificial psychology and operation, is ready to make 2022 her time.
Fellow womanish artist, DJ Cndo also complimented her and said “ It’s heartbreaking to see people replying in this way but I ’m not surprised.”

SABC’s group superintendent for commercial affairs and marketing, Gugu Ntuli said that DJ Hlo entered the loftiest number of votes.
“ The votes are checked singly. The Ingoma ehlukinisa unyaka Competition has been subordinated to auditing of the votes for numerous times and this time is no different. Anyone can bounce for the song of their choice and as numerous times as they want to.”

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