DJ Fresh Throws Shade At Metro FM

DJ Fresh Throws Shade At Metro FM

Yesterday marked exactly a year since the favored DJ Fresh got fired from Metro FM for the utilization of derogatory words.

DJ Fresh landed himself in predicament after he was found to possess used inappropriate language on air. The DJ used the word “Msunery”, while also telling another listener to prevent tweeting “from his ass” during an equivalent show. This led to a complaint from a listener who contacted the BCCSA for Fresh’s strong language.

He then disappeared from the airwaves and his fans couldn’t help but notice. Proving that he can also be petty, Fresh commemorated the day he got axed from the show and decided to celebrate it on Twitter.

Sharing the statement released by SABC, “Happy Anniversary @METROFMSA!!!” he wrote with a hug emoji followed by a heart.

He divided Twitter together with his pettiness with some calling him to order saying he’s bigger than this and will not patronize that low level.

Others congratulated him on leaving the station as he wouldn’t are where he’s immediately had he stayed.