DJ Boss Lady fears for his life because of discrimination and hate.

DJ Boss Lady fears for his life because of discrimination and hate.

Gays and lesbians are becoming killed in Mzansi thanks to discrimination and hate.

At least four gay men – Sphamandla Khoza, Nathaniel Mbele, Andile Ntuthela, and Lonwabo Jack – were killed in but a month.

And that scares radio DJ Boss woman from metropolis in northern KZN.

The overtly gay Boss woman hosts a breakfast show at Lit Radio atomic number 30, a community station based mostly in metropolis.

Real name Xolani Ngobeni (24), the presenter aforesaid he’d been discriminated against repeatedly before.

“I’m frightened to even quit to figure. however if somebody tries to abuse Pine Tree State thanks to my s.e.xuality, I’ll show them flames,” aforesaid Boss woman.

“I’m Boss woman, however Xolani is revived in Pine Tree State once I’m abused. I’m scared. however generally I feel that nobody can defend Pine Tree State, thus i have to defend myself.

“I regard myself as a girl. i take advantage of feminine bathrooms. however I went this just the once, and also the watcher told Pine Tree State to travel to a different rest room.

“When I told her that I solely use feminine bathrooms, she told Pine Tree State i used to be disabled thanks to my s.e.xuality, and aforesaid I ought to use bathrooms for the disabled.

“That was embarrassing. i noticed that as gay folks we’re isolated and discriminated against by society. This should stop.”

The DJ needed folks can be schooled regarding s.e.xuality in order that they could have a transparent understanding.

“I pray that someday, as gay folks, square measure going to} sleep in a discrimination-free country wherever we are able to fancy WHO we have a tendency to are. I’m not free and I’m frightened to even attend work.

Life is tough for United States,” aforesaid Boss woman.